Wild-Caught Alaskan WINTER King Salmon $43.00 available on subscription

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Wild-Caught Alaskan Fish

Wild-Caught Alaskan WINTER King Salmon

$43.00 available on subscription

Looking for a delicious and nutritious fish to add to your dinner table? Our wild Alaska king salmon is caught fresh and delivers a meaty texture that is simply bursting with flavor. Not only is the king salmon packed with nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet, but we also ensure each fish is sustainably caught and sourced.

Our troll caught wild King Salmon… well it reigns king among all salmon. The large flavorful flakes and juiciness contains lots of healthy fats such as Omega3s. Not only full of healthy goodness but make a meal fit for a king.

We have now received our supply of “Winter King”. These are low supply high demand fish only caught by the troller who is willing to face the Alaska’s winter in hopes to catch one or two fish. The Winter King Salmon is not on route to spawn, it is feeding, gorging itself on squid and other cold water feeder fish. These guys tend to be full of flavor and juiciness.

Your order may include multiple packages to meet the weight requested, each package has a different amount but be rest assured you will receive all the fish ordered!

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One fish sustainably caught at a time.
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After using our one hook – one fish strategy, each fish is portioned, vacuum sealed & frozen fresh off the boat. That’s why it doesn’t get any fresher than North Start Halibut (unless you’re fishing in Alaska yourself!). With sustainable and high-quality fish every time, you won’t be able to wait for your next Alaskan seafood shipment to arrive!