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From the Ocean to Your Door: Our Fishing Process

Father and daughter fishing

Our fishing journey begins early in the morning, as we bait the gear and make sure everything is ready for the trip out to sea, off the coast of Alaska. Our whole family boards the boat, and we head out onto the Pacific Ocean to find the fresh catches for the day. We use a one fish - one hook method that ensures the greatest care is taken with each and every fish. This commitment to quality ensures that our customers always enjoy the best Alaskan seafood around.


Each wild-caught fish is processed within 48 hours, guaranteeing the highest possible quality. Unlike the big canneries, we take the greatest care with each fish; we don’t step on them, drag them around, throw them roughly, or damage them unintentionally. Instead, we carefully bleed and process them in a way that preserves peak flavor and freshness. Then, our Alaskan seafood is professionally boned, skinned, and fileted, so it’s easy to prepare at home.

cutting fish on back of boat in Alaska
packing fish in ice

The last step before your delicious Alaskan seafood lands on your doorstep is vacuum sealing and freezing each fish. This process not only ensures each fish will last until you choose to cook and enjoy it, but that the highest quality flavor and freshness are preserved. In fact, we follow the same process for the seafood you eat that we do for our own family. That’s how much we care about quality wild-caught Alaskan fish.

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