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Wild-Caught Alaskan Fish

Spot Prawns


The Alaskan Spot Prawn! These bad boys are highly sought after by Alaskan locals. They are a firm prawns right out of the cold waters of the Alaskan Pacific. With so many ways to prepare them, you can’t go wrong! Try coconut shrimp, butter and garlic shrimp, grilled shrimp kabobs, shrimp fettuccine and many more! Each size is priced by the pound and come in two pound bags. Select small through jumbo sized prawns and receive a 2lb bag of individually glazed and frozen, so you can take out a meals worth at a time.

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One fish sustainably caught at a time.
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After using our one hook – one fish strategy, each fish is portioned, vacuum sealed & frozen fresh off the boat. That’s why it doesn’t get any fresher than North Start Halibut (unless you’re fishing in Alaska yourself!). With sustainable and high-quality fish every time, you won’t be able to wait for your next Alaskan seafood shipment to arrive!